Director & Choreographer

The Shape of a Day  is a contemporary dance duet, directed by Beatriz C. Bidault, created and performed in collaboration with Theo Arran.

A child might see a broken glass and say 'the glass is dead' as the purpose of the glass has disappeared. How does loosing the physical and cognitive abilities, that we depend upon to relate with our environment, affect our sense of identity?


The duet explores how a couple takes care of one another, what losing the ability to relate with our surroundings means, and how animism relates to the concepts of purpose, identity and being alive.


Direction: Beatriz C. Bidault

Choreography: Theo Arran & Beatriz C. Bidault

Director’s Assistant: Edd Arnold & Carla Sisteré

Mentorship: Lali Ayguadé

Performance: Theo Arran & Beatriz C. Bidault

Film director and editor: Rita Gratacos
Co-produced by Arts Council England, Inmoviment 2.0, Tripspace  – Tripspring Residency and L'Obrador espai de creació.

 2020-2021 (Spain – United Kingdom)

With the support of Nunart Guinardó, Ample Space, Wayne McGregor Studio and Centre Civic de la Barceloneta

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