My classes can be tailored to meet the needs of the participants and I aim to adapt for, and learn from, whoever I share the studio with. This desire stems from the wide range of people my collaborator (Theo Arran) and I have had the chance to meet during our workshops, we aim to offer a variety of accessible tools and yet challenge and encourage participants to be curious. These workshops have been designed and tought by myself and in collaboration with Theo Arran.

The following outline is a general introduction of my interests, upon which I base the workshops. You can find the different types of workshops I teach below.

My interest is in how the body can express information otherwise not accessible in words, how obscured body language can communicate something tacit. The class tends to focus on how improvisation tasks can allow for abstract forms of expression.

My practice involves searching for ways in which tacit information stored in a variety of topics can be discussed through movement and theatricality.

The artistic practice that is explored has been influenced by artists such as Lali Ayguadé and Michael Keegan-Dolan.


Aimed at Professional dancers

Classes tend to be based on improvisation tasks offering  mobilisation, exploring isolations through the body, finding new pathways and rhythms and investigating tension as a means of expression. This can be followed by crossings aimed to develop the vocabulary available, offering ways in and out of the floor and exploring our connection to gravity.

Aimed at all physicalities

This workshop is designed taking into account the individual needs of the participants. We usually work alongside an organisation that provides assistance during the workshop.

Aimed at students

During these classes, we offer similar tasks and structure to the Professional classes but instead, we focus on breaking down the information or the technicalities of the movement. The aim is to encourage dancers to be curious developing their own practice.


If you have not found a suitable workshop please do email us, and we will accommodate our approach to your requirements.