Bea, originally from Barcelona and based in the UK and Spain, works as a dance performer, teacher and choreographer.

Bea started her vocational training experimenting with various styles of urban, modern and contemporary dance.
In 2016 she joined CobosMika Junior Company. Later, she joined Edge the postgraduate company of London Contemporary Dance School in 2018 to study a Master in Contemporary Dance.

In 2020, she received an award for her performance in Lali Ayguadé’s work during the festival Gate8 in Chiavari.

Since then, Bea has worked as a performer in the dance film Moving Portraits by Amy Morvell, with
Frauke Requardt in collaboration with playwright Vivienne Franzmann and for Ana Borrosa amongst others.

Most extensively, Bea has been performing with Northern Rascals company for multiple projects including Sunny Side, Reviving Her and Shed. As well as working for the choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan on the piece The Only Tune at Sadler’s Wells and touring the piece Mám.


In 2019, Bea created and developed the duet The Shape of a Day in collaboration with Theo Arran, premiering in 2020. In 2021, she joins Future Cargo by Requardt&Rosenberg.


The topics of my previous work and my current work stem from a desire to discuss or confront topics that western society generally considers taboo or uncomfortable to address in conversation.

I aim to encapsulate the darkness of these conversations, not wishing to make light of the discomfort felt around subjects such as menstruation (in my work '28') or the cycle of life (in my current work The Shape of a Day), but instead to use intensity and occasional dark humour to encourage confrontational thoughts surrounding the subjects, in a way, to display the so-called 'horror' of these topics directly and encourage an understanding of why that taboo exists but also, why it's worth addressing.